Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Making plans

We are making plans to be in the States! Looks like we will be there May through July - a great time for cook outs, picnics, chasing grandchildren around the yard and having time with friends and family.

Of course it is not all vacation time. Actually, very little vacation time but lots of time with new and old friends. We will be traveling around the eastern USA speaking at churches and making new friends and saying thank you to so many who have been supporting us without even meeting us. Ok, quick before some smarty pants says it - maybe they are supporting us because they haven't met us!!:)
We already have speaking engagements in Ohio and are looking forward to making more in other States.

So, until we get Stateside, what are we doing? A cousin of mine always wants to know what our daily lives are like and it is so NOT exciting. We have been spending a lot of time on the computers arranging things for people who are going to be visiting here during the month of February. This morning a spent the morning walking to 2 offices to arrange meeting for one man then met with another man about our visa application. Doesn't seem like much but I felt like I accomplished a lot for a morning!

Lynn is also trying to arrange some transport for building materials to Pochalla so that that project can be underway soon. Yes, this is the same place where Lynn was stuck for almost a week and where he will be going back to very soon.

A couple of weeks ago we were up until 11 or 12 for several nights doing email work. Sometimes I think people forget we are 8 hours ahead of them:) Now we are busy during the day and not quite so much at night which is WAY better.  We spend an amazing amount of time figuring out money. The financial situation here in South Sudan is not good. While on paper we have money in the bank, we are not always able to get it out of the bank. This means the Treasurer of the church and I have to sit down and figure out how much is needed in the coming month, let the bank know and then pray they will be able to get us that amount through out the month. Makes for interesting planning.

It is now the season of getting our students back to school and that is a stressful time for me. These students live in, guess where, Pochalla! This means we have to fly them in on a UN plane and getting 4 students on the same flight can be a challenge and then the planes only go once a week. Of course we need them back by a certain time for school so it gets, interesting:)

So, you can see we are not bored or sitting around doing nothing. We both like being busy and that will make the time go fast until we can leave for the States. Hope the grandchildren are ready to be hugged A LOT!

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